Hi everyone! Kari here! My sister Jenna and I love Yankee Candle. We have been collecting and burning them for the last few years, but it all began over a decade ago when we started to buy YC votives for our mom for her birthday. We loved going into YC each year to to pick her our a sampler box (12 votives of your choice). With such a great variety and excellent quality, we could never go wrong! Now that we are a little older and live in different states, we have been spending all our extra cash on YC and call each other to explain new scents and rare finds! We hope you all can experience our “treasures” along with us!

Gingerbread: Seasonal line-up

I cannot RAVE enough about how wonderful Gingerbread is! Holy cow! Within 10 minutes of lighting it, my entire apartment smells like a gingerbread village. This is one of my favorite “food” scents and I will definitely be grabbing a few of these during their Semi Annual Sale! If you like the smell of cookies or gingerbread, GET THIS CANDLE! I bought one last year for my boyfriend’s mother and it was a huge hit! This one will not disappoint!

Maple Walnut: A Fall 2010 Rare Treasure

I grabbed this Maple Walnut last year during the Semi Annual Sale. It is really nice! I actually lit this one November 1st and it’s still going strong. Seriously, I light it every night for 4-8 hours, and its lasted! Definitely wins as my longest burning candle. the first time I lit it, NOTHING. So I tried it the next night and WOW! If you like Maple Pancakes, you will LOVE this one! The maple is the most dominant scent, but the hint of walnut is soft and delicious! Even if you don’t like “Food” scents, this one is an excellent fall candle. As a plus: boys LOVE it! Definitely a gender neutral scent! I have a hard time getting my bf to be as excited as i am about YC, but he gave this candle a thumbs up!

Frosty AIr: A Christmas 2011 Rare Treasure

I was so mad when YC discounted Frosty Air last year! Luckily, they brought it back as a Rare Treasure! YC has many minty vanilla scents, but in my opinion, this one has the greatest mint to vanilla ratio! It smells very wintry, so it can be used even after Christmas! In my household, we burn this one in the bathroom. It has a delightfully strong thrown, but mine is prone to tunneling. I have to use the foil hat trick before I get a good wax pool. then I switch to a cute Illumalid! While Jack Frost and North Pole are awesome, this one has the most mint! So, if you like mint, you’ll LOVE Frosty Air!

Next on my agenda: Danish Butter Cookie! Once my Maple Walnut finally ends that is!

-Kari Ann-


Kari Ann

Kari Ann is an environmental scientist and Boston girl living on the Delmarva peninsula. Besides candles, she loves cats, running, and trying local craft brews.


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