World Journey Collection

Hi, my name is Jenna. I’m the sister that collects World Journey Candles.  Unfortunately these are pretty hard to find, as Yankee Candle no longer distributes them to local stores. The only places I have been able to find them are at my local outlet, TJ Max/Homegoods stores, and at the flagship in South Deerfield Massachusetts. To make my search even more difficult, the last time I was at the flagship (September), Yankee Candle had removed the World Journeys were the store area and had moved them to the “Sale Scenter,” where retired/discounted products are kept. Most the scents were already gone and they only had 4 of 5 scents in total. =(

As far as I know, there are 26 different World Journey scents, most of which are in the typical World Journey tumblers with cute description labels. Others I have only been able to find in traditional jars, but the gold label says “World.” That category doesn’t exist anymore at Yankee Candle. Of the 26, I currently have 22 of them. 4 more to go! The four I do not have are Caribbean Tradewinds, Himalayan Air. Royal Frankicense, and Indonesian Ginger. I saw Indonesian Ginger several months ago at an outlet on Long Island but stupidly did not get it, as I had not yet decided that my goal was to collect each and every world journey scent. I am sure kicking myself for not scooping it up as that is the one and only time I have ever seen it. For anyone who is interested, below is a list of all World Journeys scents I am aware of. If any knows of any others please feel free to add it in a comment!

1. Canary Island Banana

2. Christmas in Paris

3. Italian Christmas Biscotti

4. Madagascar Spice

5. New Zealand Wildberries

6. Sicillian Orange

7. South African Vinyard

8.Australian Oasis

9. Pacific Coconut

10. Brazillian Passionfruit

11. Danish Butter Cookie

12. Caribbean Tradewinds

13. Egyptian Cotton

14. Himalayan Air

15. Japanese Blossom

16. French Lavender

17. Mediterranean Cyprus

18. Malaysian Palm

19. Vera Cruz Vanilla

20. Indonesian Ginger

21. Tahitian Tiare Flower (which is part of Yankee Candles regular line)

22. Greek Fig and Currant

23. Rose of Morocco

24. Royal Frankicense

25. Spice Island Holiday

26. Siberian Silver Fur

Here are two pictures of my collecti0n =)

The only one I have lit in entirety is South African Vineyard and it was AMAZING. Luckily I found another one at the flagship and grabbed it. I have yet to find one at TJ Maxx or Homegoods but I am constantly looking out for one. It has a strong throw and I find it to be much better than YC’s Vineyard scent. As the photo shows I have also lit most of my Australian Oasis. It was a nice, light throw. My sister has also burned a few of the World Journey Scents and has loved all of them! Although I haven’t burned it yet, Sicilian Orange smells FANTASTIC! Just like an orange lifesaver. This scents alone make this line my favorite that YC has ever done and I’m anxious to complete my collection so that I can start burning them. (I refuse to burn more until I have one of each of them!)




  1. I so wish this line would come back, as many of us do at the YC facebook page. We should start a campaign. Someone posted that YC had told them that they were considering bringing it back this year due to the response on the facebook page. Right now I am looking for Sands of Bora Bora and Hawaiian Lei, would also like to try Pacific Coconut.

    • I would love for these to be in stores. I’m really into tarts right now and wish I could find some more as tarts and/or votives (I have a Vera Cruz Vanilla and French Lavender tart). I’d love to see a campaign! I have yet to be disappointed by a scent or thrown on a World Journey. It seems like all three have been spotted at Homegoods, but not by the one near me! But the outlet (Wrentham MA) had dozens of Sands of Bora Bora!

      A picture of South American Rainforest was just posted! I really want this one! I’m hoping that the release of 3 new WJ candles is a good sign that YC knows how popular they are! I also want to find Hawaiian Lei! good;luck! I hope you can find some; can’t beat the Homegoods prices! 🙂

      • I had found the Hawaii lei at the Marshalls in Puerto Rico (that’s where I live. I didn’t like it as I found it to be too sweet in a cloying kind of way. I love sweet smells, South Afican Vineyard being one of my all time top 2 yankee candle scents. It’s absolutely delicious and sweet!!! I adore this YC collection as well and want to campaign for them to bring back this amazing collection. My other top two is the Australian Oasis.

      • I have jamaican rum punch!! It is amazing, one of my fav yankees ever!! Seen you didnt have it on your list

    • Sorry for jumping in here but I have seen plenty of these been sold in Ireland I just bought one today called artic glacier my partner is a Yankee collector but really only goes for the medium /large jars but these journeys are starting to pop up a lot lately over here

      • I’m glad World Journeys are finally getting sold in other countries! (They are world-themed candles after all!). I haven’t tried Arctic Glacier yet…but there is an Ireland scent (Rolling Hills) that I love!

  2. My TJ Maxx has loads of the South African Vineyard and Egyptian Cotton. $9.99 for a large 2-wick tumbler, excellent value.

  3. I am also interested in finding scents from this series. I had Danish Butter Cookie, which is less sweet and more buttery than Christmas Cookie. What are your favorite scents? Can they be compared to other Yankee Candle scents? I suppose Egyptian Cotton might be similar to clean Cotton..?

    • Hi Iwona,

      I love Danish Butter Cookie, but my favorite from the line is Italian Christmas Biscotti. I don’t think it smells anything like the YC treasure biscotti because it has a hint of lemon. Which scents do you like (floral, fruit, food, fresh)? I think Egyptian Cotton is on my list as my favorite fresh scent, it’s similar to clean cotton and has a grreat throw. I also loved Malaysian Palm, which is nothing like any scent I’ve seen at YC. South African Vineyard is also great; it’s similar to Vineyard, but has a slightly more grape juice scent to it.

      There are a few World Journeys that are now part of YC’s line (some may be retired or seasonal): Tahitian Tiare Flower, French Lavendar, and Japanese Cherry Blossom

      Hope this helps. I love this line!

      • Thanks for the reply. I like natural, calm scents like Drift Away or Sun and Sand, but with this series I am ready to try new things. I just burned Canary Island Banana and it’s very realistic, but to be honest I liked Banoffee Pie from Shearer Candles better. It was sweeter ans smelled like a delicious dessert.

        Unfortunately Tahitian Tiare Flower is not available in Europe, but I smelled French Lavendar and Japanese Cherry Blossom – very floral scents.

        I will try to find Malaysian Palm. I was also thinking of buying Brazilian Passion Fruit, does it smell similar to Wild Passion Fruit released this year?

  4. I love going to our local TJ Maxx every week to see if there are any new candles to add to my collection.
    Here’s a list of my World Journey’s.
    1 22oz Hawaiian Lei
    1 22oz Madagascar Spice
    1 22oz New Zealand Wild Berry
    1 22oz Caribbean Tradewinds
    1 22oz Brazilian Passion Fruit
    2 22oz Egyptian Cotton’s
    2 22oz Danish Butter Cookie’s
    4 22oz Sonoma Valley Red’s
    1 12oz Sicilian Orange

    My Favorite scent is Brazilian Passion Fruit. I’m trying to find another 22oz.

    I’m willing to trade my extra Candles to add to my Collection. If anybody wants to trade just let me know.

    • You have some good ones! Danish Butter Cookie is excellent (I hoard that one!). I’ve found TJMaxx has been hot right now for world journeys…I found a Brazilian Passionfruit there about a month ago! Besides the excellent quality, I think the hunt for world journeys is just so fun! Happy hunting!!!

    • I really liked the Brazilian passion fruit as well. I haven’t even gotten close to smelling them all but I absolutely adore the Australian Oasis, South African vineyard (just picked up 3-22 oz of these at marshalls in st-augustine florida yesterday) yeah!. I also found at Marshalls in st-augustine, Fl. the Sonoma Valley red 22 oz which I bought for the first time. It’s also nice. I want to find the Sicilian orange, Caribbean tradewinds, and the Greek fig and currant. I found the Greek fig and currant last summer in the YC outlet store in st-augustine, fl. but didn’t grab it since I thought I would be able to go back and find more. oops! I called the outlet yesterday and they presently do not have any of the world journeys collection, minus The Madagascar spice. Good luck with your hunt ladies!

      • Thanks Sarah Rose! I love the Sonoma Valley Red scent! I cannot wait to light it!! You’ve been able to get a few of my favorites! (Australian Oasis is wonderful and South African Vineyard is so strong and fruity! You have the same taste as me!) Seems like you like the fruit and fresh scents! I really liked Egyptian Cotton…it shows up every once and a while at TJMaxx! Also, Canary Island Banana was one of my favorite fruit scents!

        Goodluck with your search!!! The searching is half the fun! 🙂

  5. Today at my local TJMaxx they had a whole bunch of South African Vineyard’s. So i picked up a 1 22oz and 2 12oz. Also i found out that TJMaxx gets new shipments every tuesday and friday.

  6. Today at TJ Maxx I found 2 Christmas in Paris and a South American Rainforest. So I grabbed all three of them. Also i was able to get the Canary Island Banana online it smells wonderful.

  7. Hi

    I’m a yankee candle seller in Perth Australia

    I actually have some world journey candles left. I’ve definitely got Caribbean Tradewinds and Himilayan Air. I’d have to check which others but do still have quite a few

    message me if you’re still searching for them. My site is

    I don’t have the world journeys up on the site but do have a quite a few left

  8. has no one heard of Sahara Sun or Appalachian Daisy or Spas of Tahiti …… they are out as well. I have started my own collection after reading this. It started with Malaysian Pam. I had bought it at Marshalls a little over a year ago & completely fell in love. Now I’m definitely a World Journeys collector.

    • Kari has made additional posts about all the new world journeys that have come out, including the ones you’ve mentioned. The world journey collection is the best! South African vineyard is my favorite!!

  9. Another new one out that I just found today Alaskan Lights which is very nice. California redwoods is pretty new also. Found them both at Marshall’s

  10. I just found a world journey at the winners in Calgary today. It’s called South American dragonfruit and is very lovely!

      • wow I’ve never seen the South American Dragonfruit candle! I’d love to get my hands on it.
        Btw, I did find a few of the Alaskan Lights a couple of weeks ago at a TJ Maxx in New Orleans while on vacation. I so excited to have found a scent I’ve never smelled before, but I didn’t like it though because it smelled too masculine, almost like a cologne. There were also quite a few of the South African Vineyard candles there. Those are my favs.

        I also found and bought my first California Redwoods at the same TJ Maxx in New Orleans. I like the clean air scent a lot. It really does smell what i would imagine walking through a redwood forest would smell like. Very fresh and outdoorsy smell.

      • Great finds! I agree with Alaskan Lights…too masculine for me (but I loved the label!)

        I think SA Dragonfruit came out in the early summer…hopefully it will make a return!

        South African Vineyard is amazing…probably one of my favorites of the collection!

        Have you tried Redwood yet? If so, how does it throw? I’m on the fence about it…and there’s only a few left at my Homegoods! 🙂

      • no I haven’t burned the California redwoods yet. I’ll try to remember to get back here once I’ve burned it to let you know what I thought. I think I’m going to enjoy it though.

  11. Hi I have a large 22 0z. Indonesian Ginger Candle .It has a yellow second label on the bottom but i don’t detect anything wrong with it. You sound as though you know quite a bit about Yankee so the yellow label could mean anything from an un centered wick to a possible slight short fill .If you are interested feel free to e mail me at .I am not seeking to make some huge profit but would like to get what I paid for it which is 22.00 plus whatever the shipping charges to where you reside might be. I cannot stand Yankee speculators that try to sell tarts for 30. dollars a piece or jars for hundreds of dollars. I recently bough 59 of what I consider the best scent Yankee has ever come out with . which was the Aroma Formula Ylang Ylang and Mimosa .I bought them for 1.25 a piece ,they are wrapped tarts VHTF and there is a seller on E bay at present selling 3 tarts for 49.95 plus shipping RIDICULOUS Thanks for your consideration Gary PS I have a few Royal Frankincense Votives as well

  12. I got a world journeys yankee candle as a gift and cannot find it anywhere….i’m looking to see what is in it and i am having no luck…have you heard of North Pole Magic? i have a picture of it also if that might help….

    • Hmm, I have actually never heard of that scent! (Lucky for you!)

      Can I ask what it smells like and what country you got it from. I have found that some scent names changed based on location! I’ll keep an eye out for it thought!!!!

      • It is red and has a evergreen smell, slight citrus, maybe mint can’t pin-point other smells yet and no one has it, kinda why I’m looking to see if anyone knows what’s in it…..I’m in michigan

      • Wow, that scent sounds great, but I have never heard about it. I initially thought of North Pole (vanilla mint), but this scent sounds more fresh. I’ll keep my eyes and ears out!

        Every once and a while I find a new candle scent at a Yankee Candle outlet that is from overstock from Homegoods or the Canadian YC stores….Next time I go to an outlet I’ll ask around!


      • Thanks, I actually work in a Yankee Candle Outlet and they are the ones that gave it to me. I still cannot find what is in it and neither can my store manager.

  13. I just got North Pole Magic at the new Home Goods in Paramus NJ. Between that store and the Marshalls in the same mall I got seven world journeys today.

  14. Thanks for the help ladies…I appreciate it. Like i said before i work in a yankee outlet so if someone is looking for something please let me know and i can keep my eyes open…

    • Gina, I recently bought a Sicilian Orange for $7 in Tj Maxx outlet store in Foley, AL having no idea that World Journey candles were such a big deal until I tried to find another SO. Please let me know if you come across a good deal for me. I’m old & prob won’t even have time to burn it down. Haha! Jan Scott in Wetumpka, AL

  15. Picked up 2 World Journeys “New England Maple Cream” yesterday. Can’t find any reference to this scent. Has anyone else seen it?

    • I’ve personally never heard of the New England Maple Cream scent but it sounds divine. I’d love to get my hands one one or two. Where did you find it? What store and town specifically? I’ll be keeping my eyes out for that one. yum.

  16. I got New England Maple Cream at the Home Goods in Bergen Town Center in Paramus NJ. I also got an scent I had never heard of called Austrailan Eucalyptus at the Marshalls in the same mall.

      • Lucky you! I’m also jealous as I’d love to get my hands on both of those scents (New England maple cream and Australian Eucalyptus). Do you like them? How’s the throw?

  17. Hello! I work in the Yankee Candle Outlet at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in NJ and we have a number of the World Journeys collection in both medium and large tumblers – including South African Vineyard and a holiday one that is not on your list – North Pole Magic. I’m sorry to say that we don’t ship, but we’d love for you to visit!!

  18. I’ve been collecting World Journey’s too. I love Jamaican Rum Punch, tart and sweet at the same time. If I find more, I’m grabbing them. Just found Hawaiian Lei at Homegoods yesterday. They still have some Pacific Coconut and Eygptian Cotton floating around. Still looking for Caribbean Trade Winds, and Canary Island Banana. I was hoping they would show up this summer. I think Alaska Lights is similar to “Evening Air”.

    • Norma, I love Jamaican Rum Punch. Probably my favorite to come out in the last few years! Caribbean Trade Winds was popping up near me in April…but it’s been a while since I’ve seen Canary Island Banana (sooooo goood!!!!). Egyptian Cotton is also wonderful (it has such a great throw!) 🙂

      I’m convinced Alaskan Lights is Evening Air!I’m glad you think the same!

      • I just found Appalachian Daisy and New Zealand Peony in a Marshalls in Puerto Rico and their both really nice! I haven’t burned them yet so cannot report back to you guys about the throw level unfortunately. The Appalachian Daisy seems to be stronger smelling than the New Zealand Peony from smelling them unburned though.

        Both are very nice florals (and I’m not even a floral lover when it comes to candles). The App Daisy smells somewhat sharp floral but very true to the flower and the NZ Peony has a softer feel to it. I recommend them both.

  19. I have several of the Journeys scents, my favorites being French Lavender, which I am on the last legs of it! Also like South African Vineyard, but not as much as the original Vineyard which is stronger. I get them when I can find them at Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $12.99. I was told today be a clerk in the Yankee Candle store that the whole Journeys line was sold to Pier One!! I looked on their website however and could not find any. I am going to all our local store and see. The Sicilian Orange smells good, never burned one but orange does not fit my décor.

    • Thanks for the tip….I’ll have to check Pier One! Homegoods have been severely lacking in WJ’s lately! Hope that changes….I just saw a new WJ online today (Belgian Waffles)…..hope I can at least smell a new one! All are foods….which are my favorite category!

  20. Was at the Marshals today at Bergen Mall in Paramus NJ and hit the jack pot. They had four new scents I had never seen before. They had Belgian Waffle, Bavarian Pretzel, German Apple Strudel and ArticGlacier.

    • That is the jackpot!!! I haven’t seen or heard about about Arctic Glacier! (What does that smell like? Any similar to Alaskian Lights or Sparkling Snowflake?)

      Excellent finds…and that’s for the sighting! I’m going Friday to the store near me (Columbia, MD). Hope I get lucky!

  21. My name is Gini and i work at a Yankee Outlet store and we carry a lot of the journey line….i have a picture of our selections and a few that are notnon ur list.

  22. I bought the German Apple Strudel about 6 months ago at TJMaxx. I absolutely love it!! I wish I bought another as they had two. I find that Marshalls and TJMaxx are the only stores where you will find at least one of the World Journey candles on a consistent basis.

  23. I’m so in love with the world journey collection, I’m in the uk and finding it beyond a nightmare to source a large number of the scents over here, so any pointers on where to look on US sites that would be affordable with shipping would be beyond fabulous. its a personal mission to collect the full set if possible. Thanks so much for any help offered. xxxx

    • Shelly, some World Journeys are so hard to track down….I couldn’t even image how hard it must be in the UK! I personally have to go in-stores to find them….but, I have used EBay to buy some (it can be reasonable depending on the seller…not sure about shipping!) The flagship store (Deerfield, MA) will also ship candles from call orders (I am not sure if thy ship overseas, but they occassionally have World Journeys….you just won’t be able to know which ones unless you get a great person on the phone) Sorry…but I hope you can find them all!!!! Our best bet is TJMaxx in the US or an outlet!

  24. Hi just been told by a very good friend other scents are
    Appalachian Daisy it’s white with twin wicks.
    Jamaican Rum Punch which is deep pink,
    Rolling Hills Of Ireland which is cream
    Brazilian Guava which is pink
    Italian Limoncello which is yellow
    Good luck with your quest xx

  25. Hello! Just to let everyone know, we have every single fragrance listed here! I work at the Gaffney SC outlet store. We wouldn’t be able to ship, however, it would be worth a road trip! Please come by. We always have the World Journey collection.

  26. Hey Guys! I am an assistant manager at the Yankee Candle Outlet in Gaffney, SC! We have pretty much every fragrance (in a large jar) that has been mentioned on here, give or take one or two of them. Feel free to take a road trip to our store and stock up on your collections! We won’t be able to ship or do phone orders, however, you are more than welcome to stop by!

  27. Hi I just bought one today that’s not listed artic glacier my partner is a Yankee collector but mainly only the jars but recently these world journeys have been popping a lot in Ireland recently

  28. When I read the name “26. Siberian Silver Fur” I thought to myself that it’s kind of weird and a little sad of Yankee Candle to make a scent that may remind us of a Silver Siberian Fox Fur Coat just tailored. What a relief I felt when I googled that and realised that it’s just a mistake by typing a nearby letter on a keyboard 😀

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