Mini Candles from Bath and Body Works Will Return!

About a month ago BBW voluntarily removed their 1.4oz candles (minis) since they were potential fire hazards. They were encased in plastic and if the wick was slightly off-centered, the plastic could melt. It happened to me twice, so I started freezing them so they pop right out of the plastic holder and can be used as a votive or tart.

BBW mini candles

Well, mini candles could return as soon as TOMORROW for $2.00 each in GLASS cases! They burn for about the same time as a YC votive, but boy to they pack a punch! These minis are STRONG and its fun to try mixology with them! As a chemist, I am very happy to see a switch from plastic to glass, even if it means a small price increase! My sister and I will certainly be hitting up BBW tomorrow when I finish my last final 🙂

BH&G Chocolate Peppermint Truffle

I must say that I did not care for the Chocolate Peppermint Truffle! I will stick to YC’s Peppermint Cocoa. I didn’t think it had enough chocolate in it, but at least the throw was good!

Danish Butter Cookie

One of my favorite parts about the WJ line is the lovely descriptions. Not all WJ candles have the double labels; the ones I’ve found in the last year or so do not have them. I’ll type in this one since I like it: “Experience Jul in Denmark with the happiest people in the world, where they love to share good cheer and hygge, a cozy warmth, with friends and neighbors. Here, the rich, sweet aroma of fresh butter cookies with hints of butterscotch is a reminder of their legendary hospitality. ”

I LOVE Danish Butter Cookie!

-Kari Ann-



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