Yankee Candle at Walgreens!

I stopped at Walgreens today to grab some taper candles for my Christmas holders and was shocked to see that the store was carrying the Yankee Candle ScentBeads!

I don’t think that the prices are that great (although I’m not positive) but I’m excited to have a store that sells YC so close to me! The Mango Coconut smelled yummy too!

In other news, I’ve been burning my Christmas tarts all week and tried two of the new scents: Christmas Rose and Cherries on Snow. Both have been amazing! While Christmas Rose doesn’t actually remind me of Christmas, it smelled amazing and had such a strong throw! Cherries on snow did as well, which is definitely my favorite scent that YC has come out with recently. It smells Divine and is much stronger in tart form than in tumbler form. I am stocking up on this scent during the SAS!!!! -jenna-



    • Hi Barbara,

      I haven’t been to Walgreen’s in a while, so I’ll keep my eye out. If you like apples and spice, you may like Macintosh Spice (which is part of the semi-annual sale at Yankee Candle!)

      -Kari Ann-

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