Christmas 2.0 :)


Now that Christmas is over (and radio stations no longer play 24 hour holiday music), I hope and wish that everyone had a very Happy Holidays! Only one week left in 2011! I am so grateful for the wonderful year I had and hope that everyone has some amazing memories from this past year. I know plan on posting some pictures from my wonderful Christmas gifts I got from family and friends. I plan on having a follow up post for SAS hauls very soon πŸ™‚

Frosted Tangerine Cake

I must admit that I love Slakin and Co. candles from Bath and Body Works. I feel in love with this candle and cannot wait to burn it! It smells like a tangerine creamsicle. This candle is one of 3 special Recipe candles released for the holiday season. On the cover is the actual recipe (from a contest BBW’s held) for tangerine cake. If the cake tastes anything like how it smells….welll let’s just say I’ll be ruining my New Year’s resolution.

Silver White Winters

Jenna got me a Silver White Winters (FB exclusive candles from the My Favorite Things line). I love it: It is a slightly minty pine scent. I LOVE the vacationing santa holder that I got to go along with it!

Votives 1.0
Votives 2.0
Votives 3.0

I got lots of amazing votives that should keep me stocked for a while! Balsam and Cedar and Christmas Cookie are two of my favorites and I’ve actually never tried Winter Wonderland or Holiday Bayberry (very excited to try them!). I LOVE LOVE apple pumpkin. Rumor is that it will be joining the Fall 2012 seasonal line-up…I hope so, even if it’s just as a Treasure!

BBW gifts πŸ™‚

I will, of course, report back on how they all burn when I use them!!!!!!

Happy Holidays πŸ™‚

-Kari Ann-




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