Some SAS Tart Finds

Hi everyone, I hope all those able to make it out to the SAS so far have had some good finds! After a week off from work, today is my first day back…but I cannot complain about a 3 day week! I thought I’d post a few of my finds over my morning coffee. I went to two YC stores: the first store only had holiday candles and a few others on sale and no accessories. The second store I went to seem to have the entire store on sale. Nonetheless, I’ve found lots of great tarts and jars!

Tutti Frutti
White Chocolate Mint
Peppermint Cocoa
Hot Buttered Rum

I love using the $1 tarts at the SAS to replenish my tart and votive supply until the spring/summer SAS. I must say that I love Peppermint Cocoa, but both Jenna and I’s jars have tunneled so badly that I only was interested in getting this scent in tarts. I had to get an Icicles tarts just because of the picture! Hot Buttered Rum is one of YC’s strongest throws! If you like butterscotch, you will love and enjoy this scent! Tutti Frutti was a lucky find and I must thank Katherine (from the YC page) for scouting them out for me just in case.  I love this scent and hope that it will be a Rare Treasure in the spring like last year! Lastly, I’ve never tried White Chocolate Mint, so I guess this tart will let me know!

More to come….currently I am still burning Frosty Air. Next in line: Jelly Donut!


-Kari Ann-


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