Happy New Year’s (Eve)!

I am officially putting myself on a wax ban! I will not buy any candles until the next SAS! I also want to maintain my healthy lifestyle and exercise more. I normally eat only healthy and nutrient-rich foods, but I let myself indulge in holiday goodies this Christmas and New Year’s. I have been a vegetarian for over 12 years now and hope to expand my cooking skills and try one new recipe a month!

With all that, I when to the outlet to get my last candle fix for 2011!


My outlet had large and small tumblers of all 4 of the new Citrus Passion Line from YC! Lemon was my favorite so I indulged in a small tumbler! When I eventually get married, my dream color scheme is citrus colors (pink, orange, and yellow)….maybe this YC line will be part of the decor I use!!!

Tahitian Tiare Flower
More Tutti Frutti!

I also grabbed these 3 tart scents since I love them. I think it’s no secret I love Tutti Frutti and my boyfriend loves Eggnog. I also am trying to switch into my spring mood with Tahitian Tiare Flower. I love gardening, so it’s only 3 months now from when I start my indoor seed garden (to be planted in May). I like to plan ahead 🙂

Happy end of 2011 and beginning 2012!


-Kari Ann-


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