Christmas Haul

Kari has already posted a few posts about her holiday/SAS haul-now it’s my turn! I got many World Journey’s-one of which is one of the ones I needed! My boyfriend got me Indonesian Ginger!!! Only 2 left to go for my collection! I also got Madagascar Spice, 2 caribbean tradewinds, and another South African Vineyard, Canary Island Banana, Pacific Coconut, Vera Cruz Vanilla, and Sicilian Orange. I’m excited to have some doubles so that I can start lighting them.

The first of my doubles I lit was Sicilian Orange. I’ve been dying to light this one since I got it about a year ago-it smells just like an orange life saver!

Here’s a picture of some of my World Journeys I received, isn’t Indonesian Ginger beautiful? Haha I’m really excited to finally have it since I found it in August and stupidly passed up on it. I was afraid I wouldn’t come across it again, but luckily my boyfriend found it in the same outlet store I saw it in over the summer!

I’ve been somewhat conservative at the Semi-Annual sale due to the fact that I have sooo many candles already. However, I did allow myself to somewhat splurge on Cherries on Snow =)

I scooped up the last cherries on snow tumbler I could find. I’ve been looking everywhere for the room spray but I can’t seem to find any room sprays at all in the stores. =(

I also bought some treasure tarts..when i went yesterday they were only $.5o each-unbelievable! I’m obsessed with anything mango so I wasn’t excited to find the island mango tart!

That’s it for now..I’m trying to stop myself from going back out for one more SAS haul to grab some cherries on snow plug-ins and more tarts/votives of it..I definitely have a problem!




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