French Lavendar: World Journey

Work was very stressful today, so i thought it would be appropriate to light my World Journey French Lavender candle. I found a large tumbler of this at a TJMaxx/Homegoods about a month ago.

French Lavendar is very true to it’s name. It smells soothing and fresh, not too florally. It is similar, but different, to lavendar vanilla from the YC regular line-up. And look at those oil bands! I just light it fifteen minutes ago and already I can smell the lavendar! There is truly something special about these WJ candles! I usually don’t like floral scents, but the smell is so relaxing and pleasant! I’m happy with my candle selection for today! And what a pretty color!


-Kari Ann-



One comment

  1. I agree. So relaxing. And it smells more like lavender from my garden than any other scented candle. It actually stops my allergies within 20 minutes of lighting it. Never had that happen before! I don’t see it on Yankee anymore. So disappointed. Love your reviews. You go sisters!!!

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