Using votives as tarts

If you ever run out of tarts and have a few votives on hand, you can use a knife to cut the votive in fourths and use the pieces as a wax tart. As long as you remove the wick and its metal holder, a votive is just wax that you can melt in any YC tart warmer!

Personally, I like to use half of the votive. Picture here is Cafe Au Lait. Don’t get me wrong, I love votives! But sometimes I want an instantaneous strong throw. In general, tarts give a much better throw than a votive, but don’t last nearly as long.

I’ve been using Walmart tarts since they are $2.50 for 50 tarts. To get them to warm the tart efficiently, I prop it up on another tart (that I turned upside down and removed the tart, so it’s just the metal case). The bottom tart is from Ikea. You can also place the tart inside a small jar lid…just remove the plastic seal!

I was in Homegoods last night to just browse and they was a TON of WJ Egyptian Cotton candles. I’m sticking to my wax ban, but for everyone else: keep your eyes on TJMaxx/Homegoods for Soho Yankee Candles and World Journeys!


-Kari Ann-



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