I’m having a lazy reading day today, so I just want my kindle and my candles.  In the bathroom I currently have Berry Tangerine going.

So far I really like this candle, it smells just like fruit punch! I also have it in tart and votive form (I scored them in Deerfield).

In the kitchen I have Lemon Lime burning, another treasure I’ve have for about a year.

I don’t quite know how I feel about this candle. The throw is AMAZING, definitely one of the strongest candles I’ve ever had..however I’m not sure I personally like the scent. Smells a little too much like soda to me.

In the living room, I still have the last of my Sicilian Orange burning. Sadly, this candle has been a bit of a disappointment. While it smells amazing cold, it has a very weak throw. I occasionally get wiffs of it and it smells great, but its not a constant throw. This surprises me as every other world journey I’ve burnt has been incredible. I have a second jar of Sicilian Orange, maybe when I get around to burning that one I’ll find out that this one was just a dud.

Finally, I want to post a picture/discuss my two FAVORITE treasures!

Water Garden is, along with Hot buttered Rum, one of my favorite treasures that I’ve ever lit. For anyone who has never smelt it, its a very powdery scent. I gone through several jars of it and was even lucky enough to score a large tumbler of it at my local outlet. I have this large jar, a small jar, and a few tarts/votives of it stashed away.

Then there’s Edelweiss! When I heard last February that the Flagships had released this as a flagship exclusive candle I was beyond excited. It was my grandmother’s favorite flower. That side of my family is German and I speak German so I just had to have it. I went on a weekend trip to the South Deerfield flagship store for my 21st Birthday (I celebrated with candles instead of alcohol lol). I haven’t wanted to burn it since I was sentimental to me. Thankfully when my sister and I went back to South Deerfield this fall for her birthday, Edelweiss was still there. I grabbed another so I can finally burn one. I’ll post about how it is when I finally burn it! I’m going back to Deerfield for my birthday next month, I might have to pick up yet another one…




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