How to fix a tunneling candle

Tunneling candles are high maintenance, but usually fixable. My tunneling Ikea candle has been fixed thanks to the foil hat trick. Foiling is key to fixing misbehaving candles. Foiling will enhance the throw and create a longer life for your tunneling candle by helping a wax pool form!


Yesterday: 5 hours burning
Today: 4 hours burning (with foil)
Wax pool from foiling

So, how do you foil? I use a double layer piece of heavy duty aluminum foil with a 1-2 inch diameter hole cut out. Wrap it tightly over the top of your candle.

Foil Trick

In the picture is my Ikea candle, but this works with all glass jar candles, including Yankee Candle! If there is a little bit of tunneling, I usually push the wax down with my fingers (while its soft) to even out the wax. I’ve been able to fix 95% of my tunneling candles with this method.

By the way, the throw on this Ikea candle is not bad! It is gently filling up my kitchen! Good job Ikea!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Thanks, so much, for sharing your knowledge. I bought a couple YC’s and of course didn’t think to look up proper candle care until after creating a memory ring. Im trying your tip now and it looks like its working. Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you so much for the help! Do you have any idea what causes tunneling in the first place? I alswYs use the Yankee shades with my candles too. Just curious… Thanks again! ~Kathy

  3. Yankee Candle will also exchange one of their candles for you if this happens. They have always been super nice about giving me another when I’ve taken my really bad ones in. Sometimes it’s not ideal if it’s a favorite candle of yours though and they don’t have the same one to give you in return, but something else to keep in mind. I’ve never heard of this foil method so I’m going to try it, thank you!

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