Warm Autumn Welcome

I was in an autumn-mood, so I decided to try Warm Autumn Welcome from BH&G.

It smells a lot like a mix of Spiced Pumpkin and Autumn Wreath by YC. It is really nice!!!

My Jelly Donut is almost over, but look at how it burned! This is a candle that did not tunnel: it’s how a $27.99 dollar candle should burn (not that I ever pay full price). The trick is to burn with an Illumalid from the beginning and making sure wax pool forms each time before its blown out. Some candles will still tunnel, but YC always burn better with an Illumalid than not.

I also have a votive of Sparkling Cinnamon going. This scent is one of the few that are quite strong even as a tiny votive! It’s a good spicey scent!

Lastly, tonight looks like the very last night of French Lavendar. It was a good one all the way through!

-Kari Ann-


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