Egyptian Cotton (World Journeys)

The last of my Jack Frost was used up yesterday, so I decided to try Egyptian Cotton, which is a World Journey Candle. Jenna’s boyfriend, Brian, got me a large tumbler that he found at his local outlet.

He also got me a small tumbler of Canary Island Banana (one of my favorites).

Egyptian Cotton is wonderful. It smells like a fresh linen closet. It is a combination of Fluffy Towels and Clean Cotton. The throw is excellent and it is burning beautifully. The Egyptian Cotton is made out of the new smooth wax, and I have zero complaints! This is by far my favorite of the WJ fresh scents!

Just to keep track, I thought I’d list my (so far) favorite WJ by scent profile.

Fresh: Egyptian Cotton

Floral: Japanese Cherry Blossom

Fruit: Tie: Canary Island Banana and South African Vineyard

Food: Italian Christmas Biscotti

-Kari Ann-


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