Summer Fruits

The outlet (last week) had all of the new summer candles: Sicilian Lemon, Pink Dragonfruit, Loves Me Loves Me Not, Wild Passionfruit, and Fruit Fusion. All were nice, but I particularly liked Fruit Fusion and Pink Dragonfruit since the colors go well with my wedding (and the scents are very summery).

I really loved the Fruit Fusion scent: It was like an orange-raspberry smoothie! This is one I may try as a jar (and not just hoard for my wedding). Pink Dragon Fruit, as tealights, is fairly light, so I cannot give a great description other than it was pleasant. Silician Lemon seemed very similar to Meyer Lemon, but I still liked it!

I also bought a small tumbler of each orange, lemon, and grapefruit, again, for my wedding. I love the Citrus Passion line! I got really lucky at the outlet, but that tapped my candle budget for a while!

-Kari Ann-



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