Country Lemonade

Country Lemonade is incredible! The throw is strong and the wax burns beautifully! The scent is a very sweet, slightly tart, lemon. It is a perfect summery scent. Country Lemonade was discontinued last year (it had been a new summer scent). It is similar to Sicilian Lemon, Meyer Lemon, and Cherry Lemonade. I’ve found that all of the YC lemon scents have been strong!

This is one of my personal favorites. Its guaranteed to be a well behaved, strong candle!

-Kari Ann-



    • I have heard of Scentsy, but I have not tried them. I typically buy candles on a whim and personally dont like that you have to go through a consultant. However, i know many who swear buy Scentsy. A high school friend of mine became a consultant mainly for easier access to their products (and she makes a small salary for selling them to friends and family).

      Have you tried Scentsy?

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