Berry Tangerine

I’ve been waiting to lit this candle for a while. I bought it during the winter SAS two years ago and instantly fell in love. Cold, it smells like a fruit roll up. It is a wonderful blend of strawberry, raspberry, and citrus (tangerine), with a touch of blueberry. The fruit scent is true to life and is equal parts sweet and tart. It’s wonderful.

Lit, the throw was a bit disappointing. It is light-medium and best confined to a smaller room, like my bathroom. The throw is nice and smells just like the scent cold. But it is a little too light for my hopes. It’s not a dud and does make my bathroom smell like a fruit paradise, but I wish it was a bit stronger.

On the plus side, it burns beautifully! I’d but tarts of this in the future if I found any!

I also just finished up Country Lemonade. Now this is a candle with a powerful throw. Even in the living room, it would drown out the Berry Tangerine in the bathroom! It was hard to photograph, but there were huge pools of oils near the wick! More oils = stronger throw. I still have a large tumble of this one reserved for my wedding!

-Kari Ann-


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