menage trois (California White)

While visiting my husband in DC, I noticed that a restaurant was selling this wine for $7/glass or $22/bottle. In my lovely state of RI, I bought this 750mL bottle for $8. I was dying to try this wine that the DC restaurant was featuring for the month of May.

On paper, it sounded divine: it is a 3 way blend of Chardonnay, Moscato, and Chenin Blanc (Hence the French name meaning 3-some). I was willing to try this, espcially since I prefer white wine and love Moscato.

However, I do not like this wine. It is very bitter and has no sweetness whatsoever. It is a type of wine that makes you pucker your face after every sip. The acidity was a bit overwhelming to me, masking any of the oak or tropical fruit flavors.

I recognize that some love citrusy-sour wines, so I will not say that this is a terrible wine, it’s just NOT for me. The California White is just one of the many flavors Menage a Trois has to offer…I may try the moscato to see if this brand will stay on my radar.


-Kari Ann-


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