Small Tumblers at TJMaxx

I’ve gotten a few requests to post these: so here they are! These are the small tumblers with cute messages on them circulating around Homegoods. I apologize to the blurriness…I got a new phone am am still figuring out the camera.

Fabulous: Midnight Jasmine (white)

Best Mom: Vanilla Lavendar (light purple)

Celebrate: Mango Peach Salsa (orange)

Close to Heart: Home Sweet Home (pink-purple)

Thankful for You: Vanilla Lime (Green)

Believe: Beach Walk (light blue)

That was all that I could find at my Homegoods, but I have seen a few other before, including a Happy Anniversary with white chocolate mint and a birthday one (don’t remember the scent). I actually gave my mom the Thankful for You candle for Christmas.

The are $5.99 at Homegoods, which is not bad compared to the $15.99 they currently charge at YC!

Happy Hunting!!!!

-Kari Ann-




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