New summer scents for YC’s Home Classics line at Target

There were 4 new summer scents at Target for part of the Home Classics line (from Yankee Candle). I found them to be a mixed bag.

#1) Blue Waves: I actually loved this scent. It was similar (yet distinctly different) to Ocean Water, which is one of my all time favorite fresh scents. It was clean and did smell like gentle waves on a clean summer beach. It was one that I found myself enjoying a lot!!!

#2) Coconut Vanilla: I’m sure most of you want to know… no, i did not think that this one was similar to the #5 Coconut and Vanilla Bean. I actually HATED this scent. The vanilla smelled fake and the coconut too light. It’s strange, because I loved it in the two Summer Swirls mentioned in earlier posts, but on it’s own….it did nothing for me! I hope it smells better lit than cold!

#3: Volcano Flower: This one is a floral. It was okay…but for me to like a floral, it has to be spectacular. If you like floral scents, this one may be a good one to try (or at least sniff!), but for me…I’ll just pass it by!

#4: Lemon Ice: This was by far my favorite of the four. It was a slightly sugary lemon scent with an ice too it (kind of like the ice you get from smelling Cherries on Snow). It was a lemonade-like scent, but no where near as sweet as Country Lemonade. It was very nice!!!

-Kari Ann-



  1. It seems weird that they would put these candles out now when summer is almost over, you’re right! Some of these look like they smell AWESOME! Do you remember how much they cost a piece??

    Hey, I was wondering, can I link your site as one of my favorites on my candle blog? I find myself looking to see if you’ve updated all the time, you both have great taste! Let me know if that’s okay and if not, I totally understand! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi! You can definitely link us to your candle blog ๐Ÿ™‚ That would be fantastic!

      The Target candles cost the same as Yankee Candle: $27.99 for a large, and I think its $24.99 for a medium/swirl. The last time I got target candles was on clearance (large was $15.00) so I’m hoping for that! I really want to try the Lemon Ice and Coconut Vanilla Swirl and Lemon Ice on it’s own. The votives were $2, so I may grab one or two of those!

  2. I was at target yesterday in ohio. These candles were on sale or clearance. I think the candles were about $10 each. I picked up some beach party, apple blossom, coral shores and island lily votives for 59 cents each. I also picked up the floral summer swirl candle. It is a swirl of volcano flower and blooming jasmine for $5.99. I also have the lemon ice and the volcano flower candles I picked up at tj max a few weeks ago but I haven’t burned them yet.

    • I can only tell you what I paid for them at the target I was at. They were selling the votives I listed at 58 cents each, not 59 cents like i previously stated. Sorry. The summer candles that they had left were selling for about $10 each. There were about 4 different candles that they had at that price. The only summer swirl candle they had left is the one that I purchased.

      Were you guys able to find any of these candles or votives at that price? A couple weeks ago they were selling the votives for 98 cents each. This week when I went they were marked down to 58 cents each.

      The volcano flower candle I purchased at tj Maxx a few weeks ago was $7.99 and the lemon Ice candles were $6.99 each.

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