Target Summer Swirl Part II

In total, there were 3 new Summer Swirls at my closest Target. I have here an image of the second one. As a disclaimer, I don’t have an image of the third summer swirl: it was Volcano Flower and another floral (maybe Gardenia). I typically don’t like floral scents and this one wasn’t an exception! So I’ll pass!

I did like the Summer Swirl of Beach Party and Coconut Vanilla. I love Beach Party…it is a regular seasonal scent for the Target YC Home Classics line that I’ve tried before (about 3 years ago) with great success. It is a ocean-like, scent that I can only describe as a hybrid of Beach Vacation, Ocean Water, and Sun and Sand by Yankee Candle. Mixed with the hint of Coconut Vanilla….this one is sure to be a strong summery scent!

I did like the Lemon Ice and Vanilla Coconut better, but this was a VERY close second!

-Kari Ann-


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