Finally completed my WJ collection

I have officially completed my world journey collection and now own all 30!! This means I can finally start burning them all. First up is Danish butter cookie!!! I’ll let you know how it is! -Jenna-




  1. WOW, can’t believe you finally found them all!! I was in Marshall’s yesterday and I googled one of the WJ scent names and your blog popped up again, LOL!

    I did end up buying it on your post’s recommendation, it was the Egyptian Cotton scent. I wanted to get the Malaysian Palm, and I may go back and get it since the large 2-wick jar was only $7.99, what a steal!

    Glad you finished your collection. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m excited to burn all of them! You should go back and get the Malaysian palm!! I always grab them when I see them at a tj max/home goods, can’t resist the low prices!! I buy a SAV everytime I find one!

  2. Congratulations! I started to search for this collection as well and I am in love in South African Vineyard, however Vera Cruz Vanilla was big disappointment to me.

    • South Africa Vineyard is amazing. I find Vera Cruz Vanilla to be light, every tart I’ve found has been a dud. But the Vera Cruz Vanilla tealights are awesome if you can get your hands on any! My favorite is Italian Christmas Biscotti!

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