3 cool votive finds

Hi everyone! Two weeks ago, jenna and I went to a YC outlet and I got 10 new tarts and votives. Three of the votives I found were particularly exciting!

First was this votive of the newly packaged Sugared Apple. It’s exciting to see this scent in another form besides a jar candle. I really hope they make some tarts of this scent!!!

I FINALLY got my hands on Red Velvet. It is fairly light cold….I’ll use it as a tart and hope to bring out the chocolate/cream cheese notes! I’ve been warned that this one is light when lit 😦 I love the label though!

The last one is Cranberry Ice. I think this must be a new 2012 winter scent. It is a nice tart-sweet cranberry scent slightly reminiscence of Cherries on Snow. This may have been my favorite find!

Lastly, no clearance candles a Target…but I found this new, and delicious, coffee flavor!!!!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Cranberry Ice sounds like it’ll be fantastic! I wonder if there is a Yankee outlet on the west coast? Hmmmm..something to look into. Did you hear about the upcoming $1 tart sale? Hopefully they will have these scents available online!

      • I LOVE their coffee. I usually get flavored…their Coconut Macaron is my favorite, but this one is delicious. I splurge on the Target brand. Other than that, it’s Folger’s dark roast for me πŸ™‚

      • I heard that the tart sale begins on the 30th and ends the 3rd, I think? I wish Yankee would expand and have at LEAST one outlet store on the west coast! NO FAIR! Oh well, a trip to the east is in order! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the info! I love stocking on the $1 tarts and votives!!! Such a good deal!!! (might also start Christmas shopping too with this deal!).

        YC should definitely have an outlet on the West Coast! I hear the BBW outlets have good candles too sometimes…maybe theyll have one near you!

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