Lemon Chiffon (ScentSationals)

Hi everyone,

I was in a lemon bakery scent mood, so I decided to try two cubes of the Lemon Chiffon scent I picked up from Walmart the other day.

Holy Cow is this one good! (Sorry about the glare in the photo!) The pack of 6 wax cubes has the description: “tart, sweet, and heavenly.” I would agree! It smells just like the lemon pudding/custard/filling in a lemon meringue pie! It’s not too sweet and the citrus lemon peaks though an almost graham cracker-like note! It is delightful!

And this was the fastest room-filling scent I’ve ever tried! In less than 2 minutes I could smell it…the throw is a medium-strong and carries really well!!!! This is a crazy good scent and quality room-filler!

The brand that makes the Better Homes and Gardens wax cubes we all love is Scentsationals…..so don’t be turned off by the package. Scentsationals is the same quality and prices as the BH&G cubes…and both can be found at Walmart!

-Kari Ann-


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