Serene Coconut Breeze (Air Wick)

I talk usually just about candles and body care fragrances….but what about household goodies like Glade and Air Wick?!

Well, I just bought an Air Wick plug in and I LOVE it!

Serene Coconut Breeze is a creamy coconut (with a hint of vanilla). It is truly wonderful. I started the plug in on it’s strongest setting (it has 5, where 5 is the strongest) and WOW it is strong. I turned it down to a 3 and it’s perfect…I can smell it all over my apartment, but it’s weak enough that once I’m in a room for 20 minutes, I get accustomed to it so candle scents can still shine through (like Malibu Smash…which I’m still using).

I have found this Air Wick to be just as good, if not better, than Yankee Candle’s plug ins…and much more affordable!!!!

-Kari Ann-



  1. OOOOOOH! Did you check out the Target ad this week? Who knew Febreze made candles, LOL, I felt so out of the loop when I saw them in the ad. I think it was either Febreze or Glade that was having a buy 2 or 3 products listed (and a few were candles!) get 1 free! Always had good luck with Glade, so I might have to skip on over and pick some up. I saw on your other post that you found some clearance Yankee jars, glad you found them. 🙂

    • Thanks! When I was at Target, they were putting out a Febreeze-Woodwick candle item. Not sure what it is, but I’ve always loved Febreeze and Woodwick (I also may have been Glade, bot Febreeze). I may check it out if I can this week! I have never tried their candles, so I am very curious now! I am really impressed with AirWick…they also have a “world journeys” collection. I picked up Arcadia (which was vanilla pumpkin).

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