Coconut Macaroon (ScentSationals)

I also found this Coconut Macaroon scent at Walmart and loved it immediately! “Sugary, baked coconut” is the description and I’d agree, except I’d add the words: vanilla and amaretto. This one smells like a mixed of Christmas Cookie (by Yankee Candle) with an Amaretto cookie and some flaky, sweetened coconut shavings!

The throw is good (but I’d say one of the weaker of the wax cubes I’ve tried). I can clearly smell it in my living room, but it is not as strong as the Lemon Chiffon. I’d say it was on the border of a medium and light medium. I put in 3 cubes and now it’s kicking off pretty well! It definitely is a sweet bakery scent, which I love!

Overall, I’d not only recommend this one, I’d buy it again!

-Kari Ann-


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