Happy Hour(Scentsationals)

Here is another Scentsationals scented wax cube I picked up a little while ago from Walmart: Happy Hour!

Firstly, I loved the picture on the front: it’s like cocktail night with my girls. But the scent….wow is it awesome and tropically. The description reads “frosted coconut swirled with pineapple and sugared berries. ” It smells like a pina colada with a splash if sweet raspberry. The coconut note is the strongest, which I love, and it does smell like a frozen mixed drink that one would sip around the pool.

While the scent is wonderful, the throw is so so. It is one of the lighter throws I’ve experienced with these wax cubes, which is too bad! I had in 3 cubes, and I’d say it was still pretty light. I could only smell it if I was within 10 feet of my tart warmer.

So I’d give the scent an A-, but the throw a C. Would I buy it again? Yup…I liked it enough that even a light throw would be trumped by the amazing scent.

Basically, it smells like a summery Friday Night!

-Kari Ann-



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