Cranberry Ice (YC)

I lit Cranberry Ice as a votive and here is my review: It is actually great! 🙂

The throw is bordering between a light-medium and medium (which is good for a YC votive). It is carrying pretty far as well….I have this nice subtle scent filling my entire living room. I can tell this this one would be stellar in a jar, tumbler, or tart form. You WILL be able to smell this one!

But what about the scent? I really really like it. It is definitely a more sweet cranberry scent. I’d say it was a sugar-coated candied cranberry scent with just a hint of tartness. It is very fresh and fruity and could pass as almost a summer, fall, or winter scent.

I actually want to pair this one with a pine scent, because I think it would go very well together!

Overall… I’d say this is one to watch out for! I’d love to get my hand on some tarts!

-Kari Ann-

Oh, and I found this one at my local outlet about a month ago… should come out with the 2012 Winter/Holiday scents! 🙂


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