Yankee Candle Village (Part 1)

Yesterday, Jenna and I went to Yankee Candle Village in Deerfield, MA. It was awesome!

It is a HUGE Yankee Candle store and has other items/sections including a kitchen area, a Bavarian Christmas zone, and an awesome restaurant. There is so much to do, you really can spend all day here! There was pumpkin painting with Santa going on!

Chandler’s, the restaurant on the site, is amazing. It was actually hosting a wedding! I got an amazing grilled vegetable panini and Jenna got some chicken. For lunch, the prices are pretty reasonable!

Here is Jenna posing in front of the wall of different gourmet flavored syrups and Vermont maple syrup. We both actually got more food-related items than candles…believe it or not!

There was also an awesome Halloween themed room! Here I am in front of a grim reaper holding a Witches Brew jar!


Well, the store and area are beautiful, but one of the best things about Yankee Candle Village is getting previews of new scents that will be coming out in the future! My next post will be some great finds we saw!

-Kari Ann-


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