Yankee Candle Village (Part 2)

Here are some of the awesome new candles we saw!

This is Peppermint Bark…a winter 2012 new scent. It is so good that I  bought 2 tarts of it. It is a chocolate mint scent with a hint of vanilla. But it is WAY better than white chocolate mint and Peppermint Cocoa! It seems like it should be a superstar of a scent!

These are the two “hot” Halloween scents. Poison Apple is actually just Granny Smith and Toxic Tonic is a swirl of Vanilla Pumpkin and Granny Smith. Surprisingly, Toxic Tonic smelled incredible. Seems like a weird mix, but it is very sweet and tart and fruity!

Here is the online exclusive Coconut #6 candle. It is coconut pineapple…..I’m convinced it was the same as Christmas on the Beach (Pineapple Cilantro and Coconut Bay).

They also had all 6 of the Winter 2012 My Favorite Things collection. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture!

3 returned and 3 are new!

Returned: Warm Apple Strudel, Warm Woolen Mittens, and Bright Copper Kettles.

Not returning: Raindrops on Roses, Moon and their Wings, Blue Satin Sashes.

New: Whiskers on Kittens, Schnitzel with Noodles, and Brown Paper Packages.

I must say that I was not impressed. The only one I liked was Whiskers on Kittens (smelled like catnip and had a cute picture of a cat). Schnitzel with Noodles smelled so weird….kind of like fried chicken. I’m a vegetarian, so this was NOT my scent. But others may like it……Brown Paper Packages smelled like wet paper to me. I mean, it did smell like paper, but that’s not exactly what I want my house to smell like!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Schnitzel with Noodles and Brown Paper Packages sound really weird to me. I wonder how they will sell! Somehow they sound interesting but I wouldn’t want my apartment to smell like either of them.

  2. Moon on their wings was AMAZING!!!! I loved that scent. It was fresh, woodsy, musky, and citrusy all wrapped up in one great scent. I WISH that Yankee would reissue it. I emailed them pleading for just that.

    • Moon on their wings is one of my all time favorite scents. It’s a bummer they didn’t bring it back this year. The newer scents are, in my opinion, gross. eBay was the only place I could find motw.

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