Mountain Lodge

It’s football time, and my boys are playing right now!

So I thought I’d burn one of my husband’s favorites: Mountain Lodge.

This scent is rustic, masculine, woodsy, fresh…it seems like an autumn night camping in Vermont. This is one of my favorites as well. Truly a scent that transports you to the outdoors. The throw on this tart is also stellar. I’m on my second tealight and it’s still going strong!

So…I’ll give the scent an A+ and the throw an A-……that puts this scent on the honor roll!!!!!

-Kari Ann-

PS: I did get this scent for $1 at Deerfield…but it’s still available at Yankee candle! It is also the September scent on the Yankee Candle calendar!!!



  1. I burned a Mountain Lodge votive recently, too! I was really surprised because I expected it to be one of these “men’s cologne” scents but it’s just awesome! Now I’m hunting online for a jar.

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