Update on Harvest Welcome and Honeycrisp Apple

Hi everyone,

I was so in love with Welcome Harvest that I picked up another tart of it…..and I still love it!

It is, in my opinion, similar to Spiced Pumpkin. It really got me in the “first day of autumn” mood! And the throw is fantastic! If you like spice scents and pumpkin, this one will be a new favorite!

I also am about 3/4 the way through my large tumbler of Honeycrisp Apple.

Wow is this one excellent! The fresh, juicy, sweet and tart apple scent is just amazing! And the throw just keeps getting better! This is a scent/throw that fills up a room, and even drifts into the next room…without being too overpowering! This is how a candle should burn!!!! This one is a definite winner and I will buy it again if I can find any more at Homegoods!

I think I’m going to make these lemon poppyseed waffles I bought at Yankee Candle Village tonight! Go Patriots!

-Kari Ann-



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