Vanilla Cookie Crunch (BH&G)

I grabbed this new scent from the BH&G wax cube line at Walmart: Vanilla Cookie Crunch.

This one is incredible: it is a sugary, creamy vanilla scent… smells just like a vanilla glazed sugar cookie sprinkled with confectionery sugar! The throw is a medium….which is why I’m giving the throw a B+ and the scent an A. I bought two of these…that’s how good the scent is!

This is definitely one that I’ll be buying again for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!

While waiting for my dentist appointment, i popped into Kmart and saw this Country Living line for the first time. It had jars and wax cubes (which were completely picked over). I wondered if they would be similar to the BH&G line at Walmart. Large jars were $9.95 and the cubes were $1.95 for 6. These two scents were my favorites: cranberry clementine and Red Velvet. Has anyone tried these????

For dinner I made soup. I’m obsessed with the summer corn chowder from Panera, so I decided to make it. It came out great! It tasted just like Panera’s! I found the recipe here

-Kari Ann-



  1. I am a 40 year old divorced father of two beautiful kids and I also found the BH&G Vanilla Cookie Crunch wax cubes at Walmart. I absolutely love the sweet smell of these cubes. I own a 4K square foot home in Texas and when the warmer is on, it fills the entire house. Per chance, do you have any other suggestions that are similar in strength or depth to this wax melt?



    • I’m a huge fan of Wild Berry Cheesecake from the BH&G line….it has a huge throw and is an incredible scent!

      Orange Buttercream Cupcake, Carrot Cake, Caramel Candied Apple, Refreshing Bamboo Water, Mandarin Orange Zest are also all excellent in strength and most are available year long!

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