Some cool things from my sister-in-law: Airwick color changing candle

My sister-in-law Cheyenne also loves candles…so here are a few of her things that are awesome!

This is the Airwick color changing candle (Black Edition) in the scent Vanilla Indulgence. The scent is nice and the throw is pretty strong…I’ve been impressed by this one! But the holder is awesome! Once lit, the design starts to light up and change colors. It’s actually really cool. The only downside is that the holder is not reusable. Overall, a nice scent, nice throw, awesome holder! You can get this at Walmart or Target!

I bought this super cute tart warmer for my in-laws last year from Walmart for $5 (on clearance). I love how cute and autumnal it is! In it is a mix of Wild Berry Cheesecake and Oatmeal Cookie (both from walmart)….by the way, the mix is great!

-Kari Ann and Cheyenne-



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