WorldJourneyLover’s Collection

Hi everyone,

Below I have an amazing picture of WorldJourneyLover’s collection of World Journey candles by Yankee Candle.

I’m personally jealous to see 5 South African Vineyard tumblers and 2 large tumblers of Danish Butter Cookie (which is one of my favorite candle scents of all time!). Also, that Sicilian Orange candle looks full of oils!

The World Journey line are all knock-your-socks-off excellent throws and the scents range from bakery delights to nature fresh to juicy fruits and sweet florals. This collection is very impressive and hopefully WorldJourneyLover will be able to continue expanding! Happy treasure hunting!!!

-Kari Ann-

PS: I see that Peppermint Bark jar in the background!!!!!! That’s just as good of a score!!!!!



  1. Thanks for posting my pic. Also I just got the Peppermint Bark two days ago along with Caramel Pecan Pie, and Meyer Lemon

  2. Wow, awesome! 🙂

    @WorldJourneylover: This is the first time I realize there’s New Zealand Wild Berry! Sounds great — could you tell me what it smells like?

  3. @ Lauren My favorite World Journey is Brazilian Passion Fruit hands down.

    @ Martina To me it smells like a mix between Raspberry and Blueberry.

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