Peppermint Bark (YC)

Peppermint Bark is a winter 2012 new scent from yankee candle. I was able to get two tarts at Yankee Candle village and decided to give it a try.

It has a nice throw! I’d place it somewhere around a medium…grading wise, I’ll give the throw a B+.

The scent, once lit, reminds me a of a much stronger White Chocolate Mint. The mint scent is definitely the strongest note with a slight hint of creamy white chocolate. To be honest, this one will be my Frosty Air replacement….because that is what it reminded me of: a mix of Frosty Air and White Chocolate Mint.

So, I liked this one a lot. It is a sweet minty scent that will definitely be excellent for Christmas!!! I’ll give the fragrance a B+.

Yay for Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Target!!!!


-Kari Ann-


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