Whoopie Pie (YC)

Whoopie Pie is a home run!

It is a deliciously rich and creamy chocolate scent that is comforting and rich! I love it! The throw is excellent as well! Yankee Candle did a great job with this one! I give the throw and scent both an A-…this is one not to miss! If you like chocolate or food type scents…try a tart or sampler of this one…it will be worth it!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Isn’t it AWESOME?! I love it, too! (What a surprise! :D) I also liked Chocolate Bunnies but didn’t buy it as it was available in large jars only. But Whoopie Pie is even better because it’s chocolate AND cake.

    • I agree! I like Whoopie Pie the most out of ALL the chocolate scents Yankee Candle has released!!!!! And it’s available in all sizes, not just large jars 🙂

  2. Id love to try the Whoopie Pie candle but its not available in the UK! I have managed to get 2 Caramel Pecan Pie samplers which im looking forward to trying. Its a shame really the US Fall range interests me much more than the UK Autumn range.

    • I’m so sorry to here that! Is the Chocolate Layer Cake available…it’s close to Whoopie Pie!

      I agree with you…I wish that the US and UK fall scents would be the same. I’d love to try the Honey and Spice…and I think Whoopie Pie should be available to you….but isn’t Caramel Pecan Pie amazing!?

  3. Chocolate Layer Cake is available so I may have to try it at some point if it is similar. I tried Caramel Pecan Pie for the first time last night, absolutely gorgeous scent but my only complaint is that it isn’t strong enough!

    Id love to try the pumpkin candles as well but unfortunately we cant get them in the UK unless they are from ebay either!

    • No pumpkin scents in the UK? That isn’t fair at all!!! Do you know which winter scents you are getting?…in the US we know Apple and Pine Needles, Pinecone and Lime, Sugared Apple, and Red Velvet.

      • The new UK winter scents are; Apple and Pine, Cranberry Ice, Sugared Apple and Snow in Love, I have seen a lot more in shops though so think the range is actually much bigger. I have seen Red Velvet a few times too so I know that we have that.

      • I somehow got my hands on a Cranberry Ice votive and loved it! That will be a good one if you like cranberry! Don’t know anything about Snow in Love though! I hope it’s a good one for you guys!

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