Summer Fresh

I was skeptical about Summer Fresh, but I absolutely loved it! It was a rare treasure from this past summer and I picked up this tart at 50% off at Deerfield.

The scent: It is truly a fresh scent. It smelled like newly cleaned linens drying out in a summer meadow. It actually smelled like the dryer sheets I use…which I love since it is a fresh and clean smell. It was not florally at all (yay!) and made my living room smell like I had opened a window even though it was a chilly night! I give it an A-

The throw:  Wonderful! It was about a medium and filled up my apartment pleasantly. It was like putting a dryer sheet in front of a fan that is directly on you. I’ll give it a B+

I would definitely buy this one again…in a jar even! I understand the buzz around this scent now!!!

-Kari Ann-


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