Fragrance Sphere

When Kari and I went to Deerfield last month, they had just gotten the new fragrance spheres in stock. I’ve been dying to add some fragrance to my cubicle at work, but we can’t have candles or tart Warmers. I was wicked excited when I saw the sphere!! I scooped up pinks sands. Now that its been sitting on my desk for a month I think it’s time to write a review.

I can’t believe how quickly the beads shrank! It’s supposed to last 45 days. The scent has definitely grown weaker. It was never SUPER strong (except when my space heater was on!), but in all fairness my cubicle is in a large room. It is decent though ( it’d be great in a bathroom), and several people have complimented how cute it is. Even though the scent isn’t too strong, for $5.49 and the decorative aspect, it’ll be a new permanent fixture on my desk!


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