Splash of Rain (revisited)

I used this jar of Splash of Rain as a decoration in my small wedding this past April. So, I have been “saving” and “savoring” it. However, I lit it a few days and WOW was I impressed. In my April post about this jar, my one complaint was that it was a bit light…..the oils must have been closer to the bottom, because it definitely is a medium throw now!

Splash of Rain is a very fresh, outdoorsy scent with a hint of fresh laundry, cologne, and daffodil-like spring blooms. It easily filled up the kitchen and gave a surprisingly good throw! I also, by the way, love the color!!! (Scent: B+ Throw B+).

It is slightly tunneling, but it seems to have mostly corrected itself! Jenna bought me this candle because she knew it was one of my first ever favorite YC scents (from childhood). It sometimes is a treasure in the spring cohort…so I’d recommend it if you want a fresh spring scent that isn’t florally!

-Kari Ann-


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