Sweet Vanilla Pumpkin (Airwick)

Now that Fall is in full swing, it was time for me to switch my Airwick plug-in from summer (Serene Coconut Breeze) to Autumn…and the Arcadia National Parks Sweet Vanilla Pumpkin seemed too good to pass up!

I actually really like it! Firstly, it is very very different from Yankee Candle’s (now retired) Vanilla Pumpkin scent.

The Scent: It is a fresh scent with hints of sugar pumpkin and vanilla bean. Basically, it smells like going to an open mountainous area on an early autumn night where hints of pumpkin get caught in the wind. The pumpkin is understated, but still present. It truly is a “fresh” scent with a sweet pumpkin adding a hint of food scent to it! B+

The Throw: This scent is a bit gentler than Serene Coconut Breeze, but the throw is definitely excellent for a plug-in. This is one that you instantly smell when you first walk it, but get accustomed it it after a few minutes. It have my plug-in set to a 4…so it could be turned up higher (5) if I wanted. B+

So, this is one that I would get again, but I do wish it was a bit more heavy on the Pumpkin!

-Kari Ann-




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