Egyptian Cotton (World Journey)

Egyptian Cotton is the ultimate fresh scent! It is part of Yankee Candle’s World Journey Collection. This is my husband’s candle (I’ll credit him for this picture), but I bought it for him last March at Homegoods. This large tumbler was only $10. I have written about Egyptian Cotton before…the last candle I had was in the smooth wax and this one was an older one in the marbled wax….both were fabulously strong!

The Scent: Clean Cotton, freshly washed and sun dried sheets….it is soft, fresh, and comforting. A

The throw: Wow! Within 5 minutes, it fills up the living room….and travels to the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen! This one has a great throw, that is not headache inducing! This one is excellent! A

This is a scent that is truly wonderful for any season, room, or person.

-Kari Ann-


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