Fragrance Sphere (Kari’s Turn)

I agree with Jenna’s post earlier this month 100%.

Jenna and I found these Fragrance Sphere’s at Yankee Candle Village and we both couldn’t say no! They were ~$5 and only came in a few scents. I grabbed Clean Cotton since I knew this one was going right next to my cat’s litter box.

The first few days, I could definitely smell the fresh cotton scent lingering around my cat’s litter box. It wasn’t super strong, but it was detectable. Now that’s it’s been 2 weeks, I can honestly say I can’t smell it unless I stick my nose right up to it.

I do love the look of these gel scent beads….for $5…this just may be a cute decor to put on my work desk (I was worried it’d be too strong and irritate my officemates or my coworkers.)

Jenna and I did discover that all the beads are clear, but the container is tinted to match the color from the original candle. Example: Jenna’s Pink Sands had a light pink clear wrapper and the one we got for our Mom was tan (Sun&Sand).

Overall, this is not Yankee Candle’s best product, but I like it!

-Kari Ann-


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