BBW’s Holiday Traditions Candles

Quick story: I am currently studying for my comprehensive examinations…’s 5 written exams (each about 6 hours) and one oral examination. Basically, I’ve been studying night and day. On weekends, I study at a Starbucks in the Warwick Mall……today, as a study break, I popped into Bath and Body Works and saw that they had some of their new winter candles!!!!!!!!!

Peppermint Mocha: is a combination of last year’s Mint Chocolate Chip and Dark Chocolate Mint……it is a perfect blend of mint and cocoa. Cold, it smelled more delicious than YC’s Peppermint Mocha!!!!!

Merry Cookie: smelled like a freshly baked, homemade sugar cookie. It was so yummy! This one reminded me of YC’s Christmas Cookie scent!

Toffee Crunch: this one smelled very similar to Salty Caramel (one of my favorite BBW scents)…it has a buttery sweet toffee and caramel scent with a hint of sea salt…..again, very delicious and realistic!

Cinnamon Frosting: this was, surprisingly, my favorite! The cinnamon was sweet, with notes of vanilla, cream cheese, and confectionery sugar! Wow!


These four scents are part of BBW’s Holiday Tradition’s candle line (there are 8 in total). The lids contained the recipe for each scent!!!!!!


Rumor has it that 3-wicks will be 2/$20 starting Monday (10/29)!!!!!!! Back to studying!

-Kari Ann-



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