Apple Pumpkin

Apple Pumpkin was such a hot selling scent last year (as part of the limited edition Blue Ribbon line), that Yankee Candle added it to their full fall line-up. I’m glad they did!

The scent: It is a combo of spiced pumpkin and Macintosh apple. It is fruity, fresh, spicy, and definitely screams fall! What scents me over the edge is getting that slight nutmeg and cinnamon scent with the crispy freshness of the apple and pumpkin….it all balances just so well! This gets an A!

The throw: This one is a wow factor. I’d say a medium to medium-strong depending on how long you’ve been burning it (hence larger wax pool). Definitely can smell it all throughout my living room! A-

And look at this wax pool….this one gets extra credit for burning so well and evenly with a nice deep wax pool!



Okay, back to studying!

-Kari Ann-


One comment

  1. Did you find any hint of bakery note in this one?? Everyone seems to love it, but I purchased a small jar and for some reason it smells like pie and nuts! I barely smelled pumpkin at all…maybe it was mislabeled?!

    Excellent wax pool on this candle! Very cute illum-a-lid, too! Did you tae advantage of the B2G2 sale going on now?

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