Cherry Lemonade (YC)

Cherry lemonade is a seasonal regular at Yankee Candle. It is part of the spring/summer line-up for a good reason: it is an awesome summer scent!

The scent: an almost candy-like, sweet cherry with hints of slightly tart but fresh lemon! It kind of smells like sweetened lemonade with maraschino cherry juice! I love it! Definitely more of a sweet than tart/sour lemon….but it really is wonderful! A-
The throw: this is a good one! The throw fills up a room pretty fast and can definitely be smelled (but without being too over-powering!) I find that all of the lemonade-like scents at YC have great throws and this one is no exception! A-

Overall, this is one of mu summertime favorites!

-Kari Ann-



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