Glade Quick Melts

I go to Target a lot more than I got to the area where my Yankee Candle is, so I’ve been trying out the Glade candles. These are the oil candles…but I call them quick melts since they are the same idea as the Yankee Candle quick melts. They burn fast to create a throw fast. I decided to try the mixed scent of Vanilla Passion Fruit and Hawaiian Breeze. Cold, it smelled amazing…fruity and fresh.

They come in a pack of 4 (candle holder is sold separately) and usually are on sale for $2.50 at target. I also get coupons from my Martha Stewart magazines.

The candles are small and last about 2-3 hours. They magnetically “snap” into the holder and quickly melt. You can also see that the candles are half the Vanilla Passionfruit (maroon) and Hawaiian Breeze (orange).

I was disappointed as the throw was virtually non-existent. All four cannot not be smelled. I did buy the new pine scented one, so I’ll give these candles one more try before I declare them a waste of money!

-Kari Ann-



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