Peppermint Swirls (YC)

Peppermint swirls is a retired Yankee Candle scent. I have mixed options on this scent…so here’s my review!

The Scent: Peppermint candy cane! This scent is nice because it is just pure peppermint…..most scents that come out around the holidays have mint as a mix-in with something else. For example: Peppermint Mocha and North Pole (vanilla mint). This mint is cool smelling (haha, as it, it smells like icy mint) and is just the right touch of sweetness without taking away from that candy-cane smell. It also can be used as an easy mixology with any fruit, vanilla, chocolate, or coffee scented candles! I’ll give it a B as I like this scent (and love mint), but I don’t really love a peppermint-only candle scent for my house.

The Throw: was a bit disappointing. It was definitely a light, border line light medium. basically, you could only smell the mint if you were within 10 feet of my warmer. B-

So I like the scent, but the poor throw makes me okay with the fact that it was retired.

-Kari Ann-

PS: I have a bunch of posts that will be added within the next day!


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