White Chocolate Mint (YC)

I have reviewed this scent before…and my opinion has definitely changed: it’s a meh scent with a weak throw. The last time I burned it I LOVED it though!

The scent: a minty light and sweet white chocolate. In my opinion, the mint is a bit artificial, but still refreshing. Overall, it’s just okay. C

The throw: weak, light, short-lived. Not worth the $30 for a large jar. D. BUT!!!!! I would get more tarts in hopes that this one was just weak or older!

Overall, this is a nice holiday scent, but it just falls short for me! I’m hoping I got a dud, because the last time I tried this scent, it was a medium throw with a delicious minty scent! (I also got engaged while this scent was lit!)

-Kari Ann-


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