Eggnog Battle: YC vs. BH&G

My husband loves all things eggnog…so of course eggnog scented candles are one way for me to get him in the holiday spirit. I know there are others, but currently i am fixated on Yankee Candles and the Better Homes and Gardens versions.

Here’s how they “compete” for me in terms of scent, throw, and  availability (in my opinion and my husbands).

Yankee Candle

Eggnog YC

The Scent: Creamy, frothy eggnog with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, bourbon, and cinnamon. It is more of a creamy eggnog that a spicy one. Very nice!

The Throw: Is a medium. I wish it was as strong as gingerbread…but it will fill up a mid-sized room!

Availability: Difficult. This scent retired a few years ago… sometimes shows up at YC outlets and is usually a treasure at YC around this time. Indeed, it is 50% off online RIGHT NOW! So, if your lucky enough to live near an outlet or Deerfield you will probably be able to get some…otherwise….EBay.


Eggnog BHG

The Scent: matches the name perfectly…it’s a creamy eggnog with dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and maybe even clove. This one is a perfect balance of creaminess and aromatic spices!

The Throw: Very good. This one packs a punch! Two cubes will give a medium-strong throw almost instantaneously!

Availability: At Walmart, but this popular scent tends to sell out fast! If you can find it, buy a few….they are $2 each but give about 3 tarts worth in each pack!

Sooooo: How do they match up? (In my opinion of course!)

The scent: This one is a tie. While they are slightly different scents, each one is wonderful in it’s own way. YC’s is more creamy and sweet while BH&G is more spicy. I can’t pick!

The throw: While YC’s is decent, hands down the BH&G one is stronger!

Availability: You know, in my area, this one is a tie as well! Walmart always sells out while my YC outlet normally has some during this season!

So, it was a close race, but the BH&G one wins! My husband also picked this one!

-Kari Ann-

PS: I’ve been in San Francisco for work, so I wasn’t able to burn or update this blog until now!


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